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The Top Ten Trailers

This Week's Most Popular Trailers
(Another Exclusive)

1. FT7162
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 9%
2. FT6101
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 6%
3. THX510
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 5%
4. FT581
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 4%
5. TW101U
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 4%
6. THGN10230
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 3%
7. THASCH8318
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 3%
8. THHDDCH8318
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 3%
9. LTCH10222
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 3%
10. THMP8314
Current Rank (Percentage of hits): 3%

The Top Ten Trailers is based solely on the number of
times a trailer's information has been individually displayed this week.
These statistics are reset on Monday morning of each week.
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